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Sesotho Love Poems Pdf Free

Sesotho Love Poems Pdf Free

Sesotho is a language spoken by the Basotho people of Lesotho and South Africa. Sesotho literature is rich in poetry, especially in the genres of praise poems, folk songs, and proverbs. Sesotho love poems express the feelings and experiences of Basotho lovers, ranging from joy, admiration, longing, sorrow, jealousy, and betrayal. Some of these poems are based on oral traditions, while others are written by modern poets. In this article, we will explore some of the sources where you can find Sesotho love poems in pdf format for free.


Poets of Lesotho

One of the earliest collections of Sesotho poetry is Poets of Lesotho, published in 1967 by Mofolo Bulane. This book contains an introduction to Sesotho literature and a selection of poems by various poets, including C.T. Bereng, who wrote a series of poems about Moshoeshoe, the founder of the Basotho nation. Among these poems, there are some that express love and admiration for Moshoeshoe as a leader and a hero. For example, in the poem "Moshoeshoe's Birth", Bereng writes:

He was born at Menkhoaneng The son of Mokhachane The grandson of Peete The great-grandson of Thobela The great-great-grandson of Mokoteli The great-great-great-grandson of Lepota The great-great-great-great-grandson of Ntsu The great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Motebang The great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Molibeli The great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Monaheng The great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of Morena e Moholo He was born at Menkhoaneng The son of Mokhachane The father of the Basotho nation

You can download Poets of Lesotho as a pdf file for free from [this link].

Poetry in Sesotho

A more comprehensive bibliography of Sesotho poetry is Poetry in Sesotho, compiled by David Ambrose in 2008. This book lists and annotates hundreds of books, articles, dissertations, and other sources that contain or discuss Sesotho poetry. It covers various topics and themes, such as history, politics, religion, culture, education, and love. For example, one of the sources listed is Lefela la Ntate Mohlomi (The Song of Father Mohlomi) by T.M. Mofokeng, which is a long poem that celebrates the life and teachings of Mohlomi, a famous Basotho sage and healer who was also Moshoeshoe's mentor. Another source listed is Bophelo ba Ka (My Life) by M.M. Ntsane, which is a collection of autobiographical poems that reflect on the poet's personal experiences, including his love affairs. You can download Poetry in Sesotho as a pdf file for free from [this link].

The Portrayal of Women in Sesotho Literature

A more specific study on Sesotho love poetry is The Portrayal of Women in Sesotho Literature with Special Reference to South African Novels, Poems and Proverbs, written by Mantoa Rose Smouse in 2010. This dissertation examines how women are represented and treated in different genres of Sesotho literature, focusing on their roles, rights, challenges, and contributions. It also analyzes how women express their emotions and opinions through poetry, especially in relation to love and relationships. For example, one of the poems discussed is "Kea U Rata" (I Love You) by M.M. Ntsane, which is a love letter from a woman to her lover who has left her for another woman. In this poem, the woman expresses her pain and anger, but also her hope and forgiveness. She writes:

Kea u rata ka pelo eohle I love you with all my heart Kea u hopola ka mehla I remember you every day Kea u lebala joang? How can I forget you? O nkutlile ka lerato You have wounded me with love O ntlhokometse ka bohloko You have hurt me with sorrow O ntlhatswe ka bofoka You have betrayed me with faithlessness O ntlhantlhe ka bohlale You have deceived me with cleverness O ntlhatsoe ka boiphetetso You have abandoned me with cruelty O ntlhakore ka boikarabelo You have neglected me with irresponsibility O ntlhapile ka boitumelo You have robbed me of joy O ntlhapetse ka bophelo You have taken away my life Kea u lebala joang? How can I forget you? Empa kea u rapela But I pray for you Kea u leboha ka pelo eohle I thank you with all my heart Kea u tshwarela ka lerato I forgive you with love Kea u atisa ka boikanyo I bless you with kindness Kea u romela ka boipela I send you with peace

You can download The Portrayal of Women in Sesotho Literature as a pdf file for free from [this link].


Sesotho love poems are a rich and diverse source of literary expression, reflecting the culture and values of the Basotho people. They also reveal the personal and emotional aspects of love and relationships, both positive and negative. If you are interested in reading more Sesotho love poems, you can use the sources mentioned in this article as a starting point. You can also search for more Sesotho poetry online or in libraries, or even try to write your own Sesotho love poems.


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