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Shakeela Anjaraikulla Vandi Movie

Shakeela Ancharakkulla Vandi Movie Review

Shakeela Ancharakkulla Vandi is a 1989 Malayalam movie directed by Jayadevan and starring Rajeev and Uma Maheshwari. The movie is a romantic drama that revolves around the relationship between a bus driver and a passenger. The movie is also known for its bold scenes featuring the actress Shakeela, who plays a supporting role in the movie.

The movie begins with Rajeev, a bus driver, who falls in love with Uma Maheshwari, a college student who travels in his bus. He tries to woo her with his songs and gestures, but she is not interested in him. She is in love with Sethu Ragavan, a rich businessman who promises to marry her. However, Sethu Ragavan has a dark secret that he hides from Uma Maheshwari. He is involved in illegal activities and has a mistress named Shakeela, who is a dancer in a club. Shakeela is obsessed with Sethu Ragavan and does not want him to leave her for Uma Maheshwari.


One day, Uma Maheshwari finds out the truth about Sethu Ragavan and breaks up with him. She is heartbroken and decides to end her life by jumping off a bridge. Rajeev, who happens to be passing by, saves her from drowning and takes her to his home. He nurses her back to health and tries to console her. Uma Maheshwari gradually develops feelings for Rajeev and realizes that he is the one who truly loves her. They decide to get married and start a new life together.

However, their happiness is short-lived as Shakeela comes to know about their marriage. She vows to take revenge on them and plots to ruin their lives. She hires goons to attack Rajeev and kidnaps Uma Maheshwari. She tortures Uma Maheshwari and forces her to watch as she seduces Rajeev in front of her. She also blackmails Sethu Ragavan to help her in her plan. Will Rajeev and Uma Maheshwari be able to escape from Shakeela's clutches? Will they be able to overcome the obstacles and live happily ever after? Watch the movie to find out.

The movie is a typical masala entertainer that has romance, drama, action, comedy and songs. The movie is also known for its erotic scenes featuring Shakeela, who was one of the most popular adult film stars in Malayalam cinema at that time. The movie was a hit at the box office and made Shakeela a household name in Kerala.

The movie is available on YouTube and IMDb. You can also find more information about the movie on The Movie Database.


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