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Dba 3 0 Army Lists Pdf Download

Dba 3 0 Army Lists Pdf Download

Dba 3 0, or De Bellis Antiquitatis, is a popular set of rules for ancient and medieval wargaming. It covers the period from 3000 BC to 1485 AD, and allows players to recreate historical battles with miniature figures on a tabletop. Dba 3 0 is the latest version of the rules, published in November 2014 by Phil Barker and Sue Laflin-Barker.

One of the features of Dba 3 0 is that it provides army lists for hundreds of different armies from various regions and eras. These army lists specify the types and numbers of troops that each army can field, as well as their characteristics, equipment, and tactics. The army lists are divided into four books, each covering a different chronological period:


  • Book I: From the Dawn of Civilization to the Fall of Rome (3000 BC - 476 AD)

  • Book II: From the Fall of Rome to the Rise of Gunpowder (476 AD - 1500 AD)

  • Book III: The Age of Chivalry (1071 AD - 1525 AD)

  • Book IV: The Age of Renaissance (1494 AD - 1559 AD)

The army lists are essential for playing Dba 3 0, as they provide the historical context and balance for the game. However, they are not included in the rulebook itself, but are published separately as PDF files. These PDF files can be downloaded from various sources on the internet, such as [this one]. Alternatively, they can be purchased as printed books from [this website].

Dba 3 0 army lists are also available online in an interactive format, thanks to a website called [Fanaticus]. This website allows users to browse, search, and filter the army lists by various criteria, such as region, era, name, or number. It also provides links to other resources related to Dba 3 0, such as scenarios, campaigns, guides, and reviews.

Dba 3 0 is a simple and elegant system that can be enjoyed by wargamers of all levels of experience and interest. By downloading or purchasing the army lists, players can access a wealth of historical information and variety for their games. Whether they want to recreate the battles of Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Charlemagne, or Richard the Lionheart, they can find the appropriate army list for their chosen period and opponent.


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