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Peekaboo: Hide and Seek — Prop APK Free for Android Devices - Play as Object or Hunter in this Online Game

Peekaboo: Hide and seek prop hunt is an online game. MOD APK is a redesigned version of this game. It is a multiplayer game on the internet free of cost with unlimited Gold, Gems, and potion. You can make this game more fun with its advanced and VIP graphical user interface game feature. With every increasing level, you will get new Resources and Characters. These exciting features make the game more fascinating. You will find this game more attractive and interesting while you are playing this game. In this game, players are split into two teams: Objects and Hunters ( Props and Hunters). Objects: are able to take the form of any item and embrace its physical properties.

peekaboo hide and seek apk

In this game, you will play as an item and hide from the hunters and play as a hunter and find all hidden players. Use your skills to buy new guns and upgrade your character to win the game. On every map, plenty of special objects were found: from small items you will find items like doughnuts and fruits, and from large ones items found like boxes and barrels. Players equipped with special guns, Hunters must find all the hidden players between other objects in a limited time. Every player in this game uses special skills that help them to win the game. Objects become invisible and create duplicate objects to trick hunters.


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