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The overwhelming majority of that growth has come in blue-collar work in factories and warehouses, as the temp industry sheds the Kelly Girl image of the past. Last year, more than one in every 20 blue-collar workers was a temp.

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Many economists predict the growth of temp work will continue beyond the recession, in part because of health-care reform, which some economists say will lead employers to hire temps to avoid the costs of covering full-time workers.

Rosa, a 49-year-old Mexican immigrant with thin glasses and a curly bob of brown hair, has been a temp worker for the better part of 12 years. She has packed free samples for Walmart, put together displays for Sony, printed ads for Marlboro, made air filters for the Navy and boxed textbooks for elite colleges and universities. None of the work led to a full-time job.

Even though some assignments last months, such as her recent job packaging razors for Philips Norelco, every day is a crapshoot for Rosa. She must first check in at the temp agency in Hanover Park, Ill., by 4:30 a.m. and wait. If she is lucky enough to be called, she must then take a van or bus to the worksite. And even though the agency, Staffing Network, is her legal employer, she is not paid until she gets to the assembly line at 6 a.m.

In some lines of work, huge numbers of full-time workers have been replaced by temps. One in five manual laborers who move and pack merchandise is now a temp. As is one in six assemblers who work in a team, such as those at auto plants.

To be sure, many temp assignments serve a legitimate and beneficial purpose. Temp agencies help companies weather sudden or seasonal upswings and provide flexibility for uncertain times. Employees try out jobs, gain skills and transition to full-time work.

At least 840,000 temp workers are like Rosa: working blue-collar jobs and earning less than $25,000 a year, a ProPublica analysis of federal labor data found. Only about 30 percent of industrial temp jobs will become permanent, according to a survey by Staffing Industry Analysts.

More recently, temp firms have successfully lobbied to change laws or regulatory interpretations in 31 states, so that workers who lose their assignments and are out of work cannot get unemployment benefits unless they check back in with the temp firm for another assignment.

Workers describe the vans as dangerously overcrowded with as many as 22 people stuffed into a 15-passenger van. In New Jersey, one worker drew a diagram of how his temp agency fit 17 people into a minivan, using wooden benches and baby seats and having three workers crouch in the trunk space.

Several workers said the temp agency had left them stranded at times. Vicente Ramos, a father of six who lives in New Jersey, recalled how several years ago he and other workers walked for three hours one night after the van failed to show up.

And recent rulings have tied union hands. A 2004 order by the National Labor Relations Board barred temp workers from joining with permanent workers for collective bargaining unless both the temp agency and the host company agree to the arrangement.

Unlike the way it monitors nearly every other industry, the government does not keep statistics on injuries among temp workers. But a study of workers compensation data in Washington state found that temp workers in construction and manufacturing were twice as likely to be injured as regular staff doing the same work.

Even in states that have them, the laws are honored mostly in the breach. For example, Illinois prohibits temp agencies from charging for transportation. But many have gotten around the law by using so-called raiteros, who act as neighborhood labor brokers for the agencies and charge for transportation. The law also requires an employment notice stating the name of the host company, the hourly wage and any equipment needed. Out of more than 50 Chicago-area workers interviewed for this story, only a handful had ever received one.

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MET/TEMP II software enables you to easily automate the calibration on a wide range of temperature sensors. It provides a comprehensive temperature calibration solution for testing batches of sensors, calculating characterization coefficients and printing calibration reports. You can standardize comparison or fixed point calibrations, and use multiple temperature sources or references in a single test. Version 5.1 updates the popular MET/TEMP II software by offering compatibility with the Microsoft Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating systems and including support for the 6109A and 7109A Portable Calibration Baths, the 1586A Super-DAQ Precision Temperature Scanner, and multiple COM ports without a SmartSwitch.

After you have characterized a sensor, you can generate temperature versus resistance, temperature versus ratio or temperature versus voltage interpolation tables using the calculated characterization coefficients. Interpolation tables can be printed as part of the report of calibration, or exported to a delimited ASCII text file for importing into other analysis software.

The USB-TEMP and TC Series USB data acquisition (DAQ) devices provide highly accurate temperature measurements. Each device provides analog input along with digital and counter functions, and cold junction compensation (CJC). Available with support for thermocouple, RTD, thermistor, and semiconductor sensors.

No, the USB-TC requires a PC with an active USB port. Supported operating systems are: Windows 11/10/8/7 32/64-bit, Linux, and Python. The USB-TC is compatible with the Raspberry Pi as well. For a stand alone temperature logger, please review the WebDAQ 316 here: -enabled-data-loggers/WebDAQ-316.aspx

Hi, I am not sure if this is possible. Right now, I have a USB-TC that is connected to a PC and we use four channels to measure temperature. I want to now also use the remaining four channels but control the acquisition from another PC. So data for four channels go to one PC and data for the other four go to another PC. I control the device using the universal library.

Hello eeman - Channels 0-7 are the 8 temperature (thermocouple) channels. Channels 8 & 9 are allow you to read the two CJC sensors on the board. Most applications do not require the reading of the CJC sensors, since their value is already taken into account for the thermocouple readings.

TracerDAQ application is giving me a error 145 , but my temperaturas readings make sense everything seems normal i all ready reinstall my aplication looking for replace the universal libreries but just on the start after that everytinhg seems to be okdo

When I connect 2 thermocouples type T for CH2 & CH3. I had a problem. I get only CH2 temperature (no information with CH3). But I when I remove thermocouple at CH3 position. I cannot get CH2 temperature. I have 2 USB-temp with the same situation. ((CH0, CH1) (CH4 CH5) (CH6-CH7) oK). How can I solve this problem?

I use USB-TEMP and USB-3114 on the same PC via individual Labview programs. USB-TEMP samples the temperature every 5 minutes. That works fine until USB-3114 is used in some other context. What I see is that USB-TEMP then samples strange values like -9999 or 0.0. How can I use both modules without interference in Labview?

Yes, unplug the device from the computer. Using proper grounding techniques, remove the thermocouples or other temperature sensor and replace each one with a short piece of bus wire (not TC wire). For example, I like to use pieces of paper clips. Reconnect the USB-TEMP to the computer, run the InstaCal software, if not already done so, reconfigure the inputs to type T or K thermocouple and click OK. You should be back to the main window of InstaCal. Right click on the USB-TEMP to bring up the pop-up menu, select Test >> Analog. Turn on the channels you want to test, select degrees C, F or no scale (for voltage), and click on Test. Note, if you select a channel that does not have a jumper or sensor, the test will pop up a window telling you that particular channel has an open connection. You will also be able to see the CJC sensor temperatures data as well. If all is working correctly, all channels will display the ambient temperature.There are tests for the digital IO as well, back at the main InstaCal window, again right click on the USB-TEMP, select Test >> Digital and follow the on screen directions.

I need to use the C programs in examples with USB-Temp under the library Measurement Computing \DAQ\C\Sample32. I was searching for help but no help is available to show how to use these C programs and collect temperatures and do some calculations and output to an analog board to control a motor. Please let me know where I can find examples of the use of these C programs on USB-TEMP. RegardsSiva 350c69d7ab


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