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New Facebook Timeline Like Gate Fix

How on earth do you add the MAP on a business timeline? There is no obvious tab as on my personal page. And I am roadblocked by google map app unless I switch to personal. Arg. Just like you have it pictured here in your grab. How do I do it? THANKS!

new facebook timeline like gate

Thankfully, if you use the AgoraPulse tool, you can have it all updated for you automatically. The like gate functionality was removed not long ago from all of our accounts, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Like the Like-gate of old, Like Prompt popup overlays appear as soon as someone arrives on your social media contest page. Unlike the old Like-gate, however, Like prompts simply encourage people to Like your page.

With Facebook Timeline, it's much more important than ever to be vigilant about posts or photos in which we've been tagged -- and it's contingent on us also to investigate our past posts and pictures. You can't be sure when an unwelcome surprise or embarassment will find its way onto your timeline, for all to see. While you may not have paid much attention to your privacy settings in the past, it's now very important to think about ways you can change those settings on individual posts -- or your profile overall -- in order to make sure that your Timeline represents you in a way you're comfortable with.

But like any social network, it's important for Facebook to make money from advertisers and businesses in order to keep offering us their free services. So one way Timeline is changing that part of their operations, though it may not be immediately apparent, is by forcing businesses to establish this presence in a more official way. Timeline cover photos -- that's the big splash page you see at the top of your page now -- can't contain certain sales language or "Like" gates anymore, and the focus for businesses' Timelines becomes the same as with any other user: an ongoing story about what that business is doing, where they are now and where they have been.

In case you get separated from your family or friends, please plan ahead to have two designated meeting places, one inside the stadium (such as your gate, seat or favorite concession stand) and another outside the stadium (such as a predetermined landmark like The Torchbearer or a parking space). If you need assistance, contact the nearest usher or police officer.

Facebook sent a message to those users believed to be affected, saying the information likely included one's "public profile, page likes, birthday and current city".[40] Some of the app's users gave the app permission to access their News Feed, timeline, and messages.[41] The data was detailed enough for Cambridge Analytica to create psychographic profiles of the subjects of the data.[35] The data also included the locations of each person.[35] For a given political campaign, each profile's information suggested what type of advertisement would be most effective to persuade a particular person in a particular location for some political event.[35][42] 350c69d7ab


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