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Dreptul la replica: A Controversial Song by Parazitii

Dreptul la replica (The Right to Reply) is a song by Parazitii, a Romanian hip hop group consisting of Cheloo, Ombladon and Freakadadisk. The song features Andrei Gheorghe, a Romanian journalist and radio host, who delivers a provocative speech at the end of the song. The song was released in 2002 as part of the album Irefutabil (Irrefutable), which was the fifth studio album by Parazitii.


Lyrics and Themes

The song is a scathing critique of the Romanian political and social system, which the group accuses of being corrupt, incompetent and oppressive. The song uses explicit language and harsh metaphors to express the group's dissatisfaction and anger towards the politicians, the authorities, the media and the public. The song also questions the legitimacy and the morality of the laws that restrict the freedom of expression and the artistic creativity.

The chorus of the song states:

Dreptul meu la replica nu e un dar

Pe care voi mi-l faceti

Nu mai votez pe nimeni, nici daca ma bateti

Va retrageti mereu in umbra, ascunsi de propaganda

Faceti contrabanda pe banda rulanta

Which translates to:

My right to reply is not a gift

That you give me

I don't vote for anyone, not even if you beat me

You always withdraw in the shadow, hidden by propaganda

You do smuggling on a conveyor belt

The song also features a dialogue between Cheloo and Ombladon, who play the roles of a reporter and a prime minister respectively. The reporter asks the prime minister some sarcastic and provocative questions, such as:

Cati dintre politicieni prizeaza cocaina?

(Sa vina)

How many politicians snort cocaine?

(Come on)

N-am habar domnu' prim-ministru da spune tu!

Daca nu se fura cum va-ti ridicat vile din salariu de 1000 de parai pe luna?

Suna cunoscut!

Va pisati pe noi continuu ia zi!

Fiitu' se bucura la alocatie ca fimiu?

Nu cred!

I have no idea Mr. Prime Minister but tell me!

If you don't steal how did you build villas from a salary of 1000 pennies per month?

Sounds familiar!

You piss on us continuously tell me!

Does your son enjoy his allowance as much as mine?

I don't think so!

The song ends with a speech by Andrei Gheorghe, who mocks and insults the political class and the legal system of Romania. He uses vulgar and offensive language to express his contempt and his defiance towards the authorities. He also challenges them to censor or punish him for his words, saying:

Daca eu dau textu asta, a doua zi

Voi fi condamnat, dar daca fur 500 de miliarde de lei

Nici o data nu vei fi penal asasinat

Oricine stie ca se ia spaga

Oricine stie si numele alora carola li sa dat

Si nimeni, niciodata n-o sa recunoasca

Si o sa spuna, si o sa moara cu cugetul impact!

Which translates to:

If I give this text, tomorrow

I will be convicted, but if I steal 500 billion lei

You will never be criminally killed

Everyone knows that they take bribes

Everyone knows and the names of those who gave them

And no one, ever will admit it

And they will say, and they will die with their conscience intact!

Reception and Controversy

The song was well received by the fans of Parazitii, who appreciated the group's courage and honesty in exposing the problems of the Romanian society. The song also became a hit on the radio stations, especially on Radio 21, where Andrei Gheorghe was working at that time. The song was praised for its musical quality, its lyrical content and its social message.

However, the song also sparked a lot of controversy and criticism from the authorities, the media and the public. The song was accused of being obscene, vulgar, violent, defamatory and inciting to hatred and rebellion. The song was also considered as a threat to the national security and the public order. The song was banned from several radio and TV stations, and the group was sued by several politicians and institutions for defamation and insult. The group also received death threats and harassment from some unknown sources.

The group defended their song and their right to express their opinions freely and artistically. They argued that their song was not meant to be taken literally, but rather as a satire and a parody of the Romanian reality. They also claimed that their song was based on facts and evidence, and that they were not afraid of the consequences of their actions. They also challenged their critics to prove them wrong or to debate with them in a civilized manner.


Dreptul la replica is considered as one of the best and most controversial songs by Parazitii, and one of the landmark songs of Romanian hip hop. The song has attained cult status among the fans and has been re-released several times on various albums and compilations. The song has also been covered and remixed by other artists, such as Guess Who, Bitza, Raku and CTC.

The song's impact on the society and the culture has been immense and lasting. The song has inspired many people to question and challenge the status quo and to demand more transparency and accountability from the authorities. The song has also influenced many other artists to use their music as a tool for social commentary and activism. The song has also become a symbol of resistance and freedom of expression in Romania.


Dreptul la replica is a masterpiece of Romanian hip hop that combines entertainment, education and enlightenment. The song showcases the brilliance of Parazitii as a group, Andrei Gheorghe as a speaker and Sisu as a producer. The song also raises awareness about the social issues and the political corruption that affect many people. The song is a must-listen for anyone who loves music and wants to hear a different and daring kind of song.


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