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File Download Stumble Guys: The Ultimate Knockout Game for Android

File Download Stumble Guys: How to Play the Ultimate Knockout Game on PC

Do you love playing party games with your friends online? Do you enjoy racing through chaotic obstacle courses and competing against other players? If you answered yes, then you might want to check out Stumble Guys, a free-to-play multiplayer knockout game that is inspired by the popular Fall Guys. In this article, we will show you how to file download stumble guys and play it on your PC for a better gaming experience.

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What is Stumble Guys?

Stumble Guys is an online battle royale party game that was developed by Scopely and released in 2021. It is available for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms. In this game, you can join up to 32 players online and dash through various levels of escalating chaos until one victor is crowned. You can run, jump, slide, dodge, and push your way through different obstacle courses that are randomly selected each round. You can also customize your character with different outfits and emotes that you can unlock by playing or purchasing. Stumble Guys is a fun and addictive game that will make you laugh and rage at the same time.

Why Play Stumble Guys on PC?

While Stumble Guys is designed for mobile devices, you might want to play it on your PC for several reasons. First of all, playing on a larger screen will give you a better view of the action and the obstacles. You will be able to see more details and avoid falling or getting eliminated more easily. Secondly, playing with a keyboard and mouse will give you more precise and responsive controls. You will be able to move faster and smoother than using touch controls. Thirdly, playing on a PC will give you better performance and stability. You will be able to enjoy higher graphics quality, faster loading times, and fewer crashes or glitches.

How to Download and Install Stumble Guys on PC?

Using an Android Emulator

One way to play Stumble Guys on your PC is by using an Android emulator. An emulator is a software that allows you to run Android apps and games on your PC. There are many emulators that you can choose from, such as BlueStacks, MuMu Player, MEmu, or GameLoop. Here are the steps to download and install Stumble Guys on your PC using an emulator:

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how to install and play Stumble Guys on PC or Mac?

  • Download and install an Android emulator of your choice from its official website. For example, you can download BlueStacks from .

  • Launch the emulator and sign in with your Google account. If you don't have one, you can create one for free.

  • Go to the app center or search bar of the emulator and look for Stumble Guys. You can also download the APK file of Stumble Guys from a trusted source and drag and drop it to the emulator.

  • Click on the install button and wait for the installation to complete.

  • Once the installation is done, you can launch Stumble Guys from the emulator's home screen or app drawer.

Using Steam

Another way to play Stumble Guys on your PC is by using Steam. Steam is a digital distribution platform that allows you to buy and play various games on your PC. Stumble Guys is available on Steam for Windows users. Here are the steps to download and install Stumble Guys on your PC using Steam:

  • Download and install Steam on your PC from its official website: .

  • Launch Steam and sign in with your Steam account. If you don't have one, you can create one for free.

  • Go to the store page of Steam and search for Stumble Guys. You can also visit the game's page directly: .

  • Click on the add to cart button and proceed to checkout. The game is free to play, so you don't need to pay anything.

  • Once the purchase is done, you can download and install Stumble Guys from your library.

  • After the installation is done, you can launch Stumble Guys from your library or desktop shortcut.

How to Play Stumble Guys on PC?

Now that you have downloaded and installed Stumble Guys on your PC, you are ready to play it. Here are some basic gameplay mechanics and controls of Stumble Guys:

  • The game consists of multiple rounds of obstacle courses that are randomly selected each match. You need to survive each round and reach the finish line before other players or before the time runs out.

  • You can use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move your character. You can also use the mouse to change the camera angle.

  • You can use the spacebar or left mouse button to jump. You can also use the shift key or right mouse button to dive. Jumping and diving can help you overcome obstacles or avoid falling.

  • You can use the control key or middle mouse button to grab other players or objects. You can also use the alt key or scroll wheel to emote. Grabbing and emoting can add some fun and chaos to the game.

Here are some tips and tricks to win matches and avoid obstacles in Stumble Guys:

  • Be aware of your surroundings and plan your moves ahead. Don't just follow the crowd or rush blindly. Sometimes, taking a different path or waiting for an opening can give you an advantage.

  • Avoid getting hit by moving objects or other players. They can knock you down or push you off the course. Try to dodge them or use them to your benefit.

  • Use shortcuts or hidden routes if you find them. They can save you some time or distance. However, be careful as they might also be risky or crowded.

  • Don't give up if you fall or get eliminated. You can still spectate the match and cheer for other players. You can also quit the match and join a new one quickly.


Stumble Guys is a fun and addictive game that will make you laugh and rage at the same time. It is a great game to play with your friends online or solo. If you want to enjoy it on a larger screen with better controls and performance, you can file download stumble guys and play it on your PC using an Android emulator or Steam. We hope this article has helped you with that. Now, go and try out Stumble Guys on PC and have a blast!


What are the system requirements for Stumble Guys on PC?

The minimum and recommended system requirements for Stumble Guys on PC are as follows:



OS: Windows 7 or higher

OS: Windows 10

CPU: Intel Core i3 or equivalent

CPU: Intel Core i5 or equivalent



GPU: Intel HD Graphics 4000 or equivalent

GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660 or equivalent

Storage: 1 GB available space

Storage: 2 GB available space

Network: Broadband Internet connection

Network: Broadband Internet connection

How many players can play Stumble Guys online?

The maximum number of players that can join a match in Stumble Guys online is 32. However, this number may vary depending on the server capacity and availability. You can also create or join a private match with up to 16 players.

How can I customize my character in Stumble Guys?

You can customize your character in Stumble Guys by unlocking and equipping different outfits and emotes. You can unlock outfits and emotes by playing matches, completing challenges, leveling up, or purchasing them with coins or gems. You can equip outfits and emotes by going to the wardrobe menu and selecting the ones you want to use.

How can I play with my friends in Stumble Guys?

You can play with your friends in Stumble Guys by creating or joining a party. You can create a party by clicking on the party icon on the top right corner of the screen and inviting your friends to join. You can also join a party by accepting an invitation from your friends or entering a party code. Once you are in a party, you can chat with your friends and join matches together.

What are some of the best obstacle courses in Stumble Guys?



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