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"I didn't know you could say such nice things, Fred, but I don't halfbelieve you mean it," rejoined Grace. "But there is Nellie all alone onthe sofa. Come with me and take a seat beside her; you two mustentertain each other while I receive Matthew and Tom, and some otherswho I see have just come in."

101 must know rock licks download

[Pg 61]The wisdom of such a course must be apparent to my readers when theystop to think upon the matter, as did Fred. For, had he charged De Verewith being the cause of his misfortune, and alleged that the bartenderhad drugged him, both villains would instantly have denied it, andwould, doubtless, have thrown the lie upon young Worthington, thusmaking him appear more at disadvantage than before. Besides, thevillagers would be disposed to believe them, as it is well known thatevery one guilty of a misdemeanor is sure to give some excuse for hisaction, though excuses usually have but little weight.

"My son, you have never deceived me. You came to your mother and me withtrue manhood, and told us of your first disgrace, while many boys wouldhave tried hard to keep it from their parents. Though I never had reasonto suspect you of wrong doing, yet that voluntary act upon your partproved to me that you had the courage to do right and own the truth. Nowsomething has taken place that seems worse than the other; but as yousay you are innocent, I believe it, and think that some great mistakehas been made. I don't know where it can be, but we must try to clear itup."

That our young friend should have found out so much about his businessmethods, and should dare to hold the threat of exposure over his head,rankled in the breast of J. Rexford, Esq. With something of a spirit ofrevenge he took good care to let his suspicions become generally knownregarding his former clerk, knowing, as he must, that the injury to himwould be almost irreparable.

"'That is no proof, and, besides, I want you to know I haven't enough ofhim yet,' said I. 'I have not been friends with him for the same reasonthat you were, nor do I propose to leave him under such circumstances.'I guess that must have hit him pretty hard, for he colored up as red ascould be and acted mad."

"I must acknowledge an error in my testimony regarding Fred's threat ofa false statement. I was so wrought up over the matter that I hardlyunderstood the exact language, but now I have heard his testimony it allcomes back to me. His statement is essentially true."

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