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Budhia Singh: Born to Run (2016) - Hollywood Hindi Dubbed Movies List - TMDB

The Budhia Singh Born To Run Hindi Dubbed Movie Free Download: A Review

If you are looking for an inspiring and heart-warming biographical sports drama, you might want to check out Budhia Singh: Born to Run, a 2016 Indian film based on the true story of Budhia Singh, who ran 48 marathons when he was only five years old. The movie is directed by Soumendra Padhi and stars Manoj Bajpayee as Budhia's trainer Biranchi Das, Mayur Mahendra Patole as Budhia Singh, Tillotama Shome as Budhia's mother Sukanti Singh, Shruti Marathe as Biranchi's wife Gita Das, and Gajraj Rao as Minister Raja Acharya.


In this article, we will review the movie and its Hindi dubbed version, as well as provide you with some options to watch or download it for free online. We will also answer some frequently asked questions about the movie and its free download options. So, let's get started!


Budhia Singh: Born to Run is a movie that tells the remarkable story of Budhia Singh, a boy from Odisha who became famous as the world's youngest marathon runner. The movie shows how Budhia was rescued from poverty by Biranchi Das, a judo coach who trained him to become a champion. The movie also depicts the struggles and controversies that Budhia and Biranchi faced from the authorities, the media, and the public, as well as the bond of love and trust that they shared.

The movie is based on a true story that captured the attention of the nation and the world in the mid-2000s. It is a story of courage, determination, and hope, as well as a story of exploitation, manipulation, and tragedy. It is a story that raises many questions about the ethics and politics of sports, especially when it involves children.

If you are interested in watching this movie, you might be wondering where you can find it online, especially if you prefer to watch it in Hindi. Well, you are in luck, because we have done some research for you and found some options to watch or download the Budhia Singh Born To Run Hindi dubbed movie for free. But before we get to that, let us first review the movie and its Hindi dubbed version in more detail.

The Story of Budhia Singh: Born to Run

The movie begins with a flashback of Budhia Singh's birth in a slum in Odisha. His mother Sukanti Singh (Tillotama Shome) is a poor widow who has four children to feed. She sells Budhia to a travelling salesman for 800 rupees, hoping that he will have a better life. However, Budhia is mistreated by his new owner and runs away. He is found by Biranchi Das (Manoj Bajpayee), a judo coach who runs an orphanage and a sports academy. Biranchi takes Budhia under his wing and gives him food, shelter, and education.

One day, as a punishment for stealing a mango, Biranchi asks Budhia to run around his courtyard until he tells him to stop. To his surprise, Budhia keeps running for hours without showing any signs of fatigue or boredom. Biranchi realizes that Budhia has a natural talent for running and decides to train him as a marathon runner. He makes him run long distances every day, sometimes up to 50 kilometres, and gives him protein shakes and supplements to boost his stamina.

Budhia soon becomes a sensation in Odisha and across India. He participates in several marathons and wins many trophies and accolades. He also attracts the attention of the media and the public, who hail him as a wonder boy and a national hero. However, not everyone is happy with Budhia's fame and fortune. The state's child welfare commission, led by Minister Raja Acharya (Gajraj Rao), accuses Biranchi of exploiting and endangering Budhia's health and well-being. They claim that Biranchi is using Budhia as a cash cow and forcing him to run beyond his limits. They also allege that Biranchi is involved in illegal activities such as gambling and smuggling.

Biranchi denies these allegations and defends his actions as those of a mentor and a father figure. He argues that he is giving Budhia an opportunity to escape poverty and achieve his dreams. He also claims that Budhia loves running and does not feel any pain or pressure. He challenges the authorities to prove their charges against him and vows to fight for Budhia's rights.

The movie reaches its climax when Biranchi organizes a historic marathon for Budhia from Bhubaneshwar to Puri, covering a distance of 65 kilometres. He hopes that this marathon will prove Budhia's potential and silence his critics. However, things do not go as planned. The marathon becomes a spectacle of chaos and controversy, as thousands of people gather along the route to cheer or jeer at Budhia. The authorities try to stop the marathon midway, citing safety concerns. The media sensationalizes the event as a drama of life and death. And Budhia himself struggles to complete the marathon, showing signs of exhaustion and dehydration.

The movie ends with a tragic twist that changes the lives of Budhia and Biranchi forever. It also shows what happened to them after the events of the movie. b70169992d


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