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X Plane 10 S92 Sikorsky Checked

In the 1998/1999 edition of Jane's All the World Aircraft, a well known aviation publication listing aircraft technical specifications, the S-92A transmission was described as a compound planetary gearbox with a 30-minute run dry capability. This information came directly from technical journals and marketing brochures since aircraft specifications are neither supplied nor verified by the various aircraft manufacturers.

x plane 10 s92 sikorsky checked

The HH-92 blends the unique flaw-tolerant, crashworthy designfeatures of the Collier Award-winning S-92 with the ballisticallytolerant design legacy of the combat-proven BLACK HAWK. In combatSAR deployability demonstrations, the HH-92 demonstrator wasunloaded from a C-17 transport airplane and ready to fly in 22minutes -- a fraction of the time required by older technologyhelicopters. 350c69d7ab


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