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Hydraulic Structures By Sheng Hong Chen !!TOP!!

This book discusses in detail the planning, design, construction and management of hydraulic structures, covering dams, spillways, tunnels, cut slopes, sluices, water intake and measuring works, ship locks and lifts, as well as fish ways. Particular attention is paid to considerations concerning the environment, hydrology, geology and materials etc. in the planning and design of hydraulic projects. It also considers the type selection, profile configuration, stress/stability calibration and engineering countermeasures, flood releasing arrangements and scouring protection, operation and maintenance etc. for a variety of specific hydraulic structures.

Hydraulic Structures By Sheng Hong Chen

The book is primarily intended for engineers, undergraduate and graduate students in the field of civil and hydraulic engineering who are faced with the challenges of extending our understanding of hydraulic structures ranging from traditional to groundbreaking, as well as designing, constructing and managing safe, durable hydraulic structures that are economical and environmentally friendly.

The aim of this book is intended, through parallel expounding, to help readers comprehensively grasp the intrinsic features of typical advanced computational methods. These methods are created in recent three decades for the understanding of the post-failure of geo-materials accompanied with discontinuous and finite deformation/dislocation, as well as the violent fluid-structure interaction accompanied with strong distortion of water surface. The strong points and weak points of the formalisms for governing equations, the discretization schemes, the nodal interpolation /approximation of field variables, and their connectivity (via support domains, covers, or enrichments), the basic algorithms, etc., are clarified. Being aware of that the differences in these methods are not so large as at the first glance, this book will help readers to select appropriate methods, to improve the methods for their specific purpose, and to evaluate the reliability/applicability of the outcomes in the hazard evaluation of geotechnical (hydraulic) structures beyond extreme work situation. 350c69d7ab


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