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Make Your Own Radio Station Fallout 4

You will also need a copy of your file with the suffix _mono. You need to export this in Mono OGG file at 32 bit, sample rate not so important. I found the best was the libsndfile: Xiph OGG container, Xiph Vorbis, when exporting out of Adobe Audition. This mono file will be what is played out of speakers and radios ingame. Without the mono file, the game will attempt to play the stereo file out of the speaker, and cause the song to be 2D instead of being in a radius around the radio.

Make Your Own Radio Station Fallout 4

For any songs that you wish to add to your radio, you will need to create an appropriate sound form for them. They should be set as 2D and Dialogue Sound only. Point to your song file, and adjust the static attenuation as needed. Remember that the radio template you added earlier will determine how loud the file is over a distance so don't adjust the min/max distance for the sound. Refer to the sound file properties above for the correct sound setup.

The first option is to create a new topic for every individual story. This will allow for incredibly long stories, at the cost of having to create many topics if you want lots of stories. Keep in mind, Radio Infos can only have a single response.You would set your stories up as new infos in your stories topic. Then, you set the Link To, back to that topic, so that once one segment has been done, it will move onto the next. You will need to iterate through a variable, conditioned on each INFO, to make sure that the INFO's aren't played over and over. On the last one, make sure you set your counting variable back to 0, and link to something else. You also need to set each info to link from the same topic that your story is in. Consult the FO3 Galaxy News Radio quest for this method. FO3 uses this method extensively, whereas NV does not.

In marked contrast, broadcast radio and television stations cannot pick and choose what political ads they air, at least for candidates of the same office. They can either choose not to run any political ads at all or they have to run political ads for all candidates who want them. Why? Because the airwaves that broadcasters use is a scarce resource. There can only be so many broadcast stations on the spectrum, and the resulting scarcity creates the danger that some points of view might never be aired. This danger is why the Federal Communications Commission is authorized to place certain burdens on the First Amendment rights of the broadcasters in order to ensure that the public is being furnished with diverse ideas and information. Because of this, broadcasters are not liable for the ads that they run.

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There are several radio stations that players can access in the game, all of which have pre-war music. Players who don't mind the lore of Fallout 4 breaking a bit can add another radio station that has pretty unique music of its own.

HEY THIS IS IRIKEDOWNROADING AND I AM NOW GIVING UP ON MY BABY "OLD WORLD RADIO" TO CONTINUE TO BIGGER AND BETTER THINGS!-I, IRIKEDOWNROADING here by give permission for anyone to continue this mod, edit this mod, use it in any other mod. All you have to do is at least keep my name in it as the founder and creator of Old World Radio. To give you some ideas of how to continue this mod, here are a few ideas that myself, and vladtheimpaler were brewing up...1. Crank's Prank Radio (new station)We wanted a station that would play hours of the best recorded prank phone calls. Here is a little info about Crank. Crank used to be the best mechanic for the NCR, but his brother was killed by the corruption of the NCR. He is now secretly planning a major sabotage and attack on the NCR and is currently a maintenance man and DJ for Old World Radio and has a station of his own. "Crank's Prank Radio" was going to have him talking trash on the NCR and actually pranking the NCR live on the air. He would of course play other pranks as well. I was going to voice-act Crank's own pranks on the NCR.2. Lizard Larry's Lounge (new station)This station would play the best in old world lounge and elevator music. Lizard Larry would talk about the craziest elevator stories and lounge events he has ever seen in the casinos between songs. 3. The "Kings" propagandaThis station is ran by one of "The Kings" Elvis impersonator and would speak like elvis on the air and play the best royalty free Elvis covers ever done.4. CREATING THE STATION AND DJ'S IN-GAME WITH MISSIONS AND QUESTS!!!We had an idea to actually create the station, and all DJ's as NPC's that would give you missions to recover lost tapes in the wasteland. These tapes are actually brand new songs you can collect and sample before choosing which track will play on your VERY OWN NEW RADIO STATION!!! Just imagine... you are exploring the wasteland, and you suddenly get an S.O.S. repeating signal on your pipboy. You track the signal and find a massive large building with the neon light logo that says "Old World Radio" and there are automated turrets outside that you have to disable before you can get into the station. Behind the station is a toxic waste dump and old sewage system. There is a strange noise coming from a giant sewer tunnel. You keep on down the tunnel and here you find a massive hidden bunker. Here is where you meet a fellow called "Billy Bob." A hillbilly that you can hardly understand that hosts a radio show called "Billy Bob's Bunker." He would give you a mission to find his missing banjo... kinda like the Agatha's Song mission. One you find his banjo he turns off the turret guns so you can actually get inside Old World Radio. Then you meet everyone else and they will give you separate missions that will reward you with new holotapes that will turn into actual tracks on your own radio station. Once you complete all quests, you will have a total of 60 separate tracks, which will be looped into a new station of your own. You can listen to it inside your new player home inside the station, and you can pick it up on your pip boy within a 2 mile radius only. Will let you know you are near home, near safety from the wasteland. Well there are the last ideas I was working on before I got banned from the nexus. I hope someone will continue this mod and make it the dream we had for it's future. Good luck and please drop me a line if you decide to take this project on and I will help recruit for it in my spare time if I can. Again I officially give total control permission of this mod as long as my name lives on in it :) Thank you to all the fans and supporters and EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to theimpaler87, for putting everything together and helping me make this vision a reality. SPECIAL THANKS to JacobWhinwright for wanting to continue the mod... even tho you haven't yet lol. He was going to help create the station and npc's and quests. GOOD LUCK AND GOOD NIGHT!!!

How do you want your radio station business to be perceived by the public? A business name should be memorable and catchy, relatable to your clients/customers, and set clear expectations relating to products, services, or a general sense of your business.

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Microwave ovens work by using very high levels of a certain frequency of RF radiation (in the microwave spectrum) to heat foods. When food absorbs microwaves, it causes the water molecules in the food to vibrate, which produces heat. Microwaves do not use x-rays or gamma rays, and they do not make food radioactive.

If you begin to travel outward from there (due west on your Pip-Boy map, though that' s not necessarily true west), you will likely run into another settlement called Grayditch. However, the situation in Grayditch isn't good. It's covered with fierce Fire Ants. You can probably take these enemies on level two or three, especially the weaker worker ants, but you'll want to dodge them and their fierce fire attacks as best you can as you proceed through the town. If you do visit Grayditch, be sure to run into and speak at length with a young boy named Bryan Wilks. He'll tell you about the devastation wreaked upon Grayditch by the mutated ants and will beg for your help (he's been all but abandoned, since all of his friends and family have succumbed to these ants). Get more information on this side quest (entitled "Those!") by reading the corresponding section of this guide.

There's more of interest apart from actually visiting the two aforementioned locations. Extraneous things add to the post-apocalyptic nature of Fallout 3. Try tuning your radio (using your Pip-Boy) to one of the radio stations you currently have. Galaxy News Radio will likely not have anything for you right now, but you can listen to Enclave Radio transmitting from nearby. Patriotic music aplenty plays on this station, but even more creepy is the fact that the DJ is none other than the "president" of the United States, John Henry Eden. I'm sure we'll get to the bottom of just who he is eventually. 350c69d7ab


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